“Nothing can see beyond its soul.
Nothing can be seen behind the mountain.
Earth roars, writhes and moans with an unbearably sad sound.”


Andrés Cruz´s Condemnarum is SHARPBALL´s first patreon project, The Epic comic book saga is already harvesting patreons and well on it´s way to become a physical reality, you can find out more and support the project on the link below.

The cataclysms and chaos of Earth open the gates of the Multiverse, where supernatural beings arise, mythical invokers that threaten to erase what is left of the human species. On the verge of imminent extinction, the young woman Airah has to undertake an epic battle to protect the child’s life in her womb, the seed that will ensure a new beginning for humanity.

If you like MAD MAX and LORD OF THE RINGS, this epic adventure may be for you. A fighter girl, dragons, shade beasts, giant insects, and the human spirit itself taken to the edge; these are the featured ingredients of this fantasy for mature minds that seeks to tell a story that transcends our own universe, with powerful battles and interesting characters who decide the fate of mankind and our dimension.




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